Special Issue "Security Enhancement of Image Recognition System in IoT based Smart Cities"

Submission Deadline: 05 October 2019 (closed)
Guest Editors
Dr. Gunasekaran Manogaran, University of California, Davis, USA
Professor Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, York University, Toronto, Canada
Assistant Professor Bharat S. Rawal Kshatriya, Pennsylvania State University, Abington, USA


Smart cities can improve the quality of life and in order to improve the quality IoT plays a major role in building the smart environment. Certain factors like security, monitoring and safety measures should be considered in building the smart cities. By implementing Internet of things in a smart environment the cities become smarter. The Recent advancements in sensor technologies have made the environment much smarter. The image recognition system as a part of secure and smart monitoring has the facility to recognize the gesture, signs, movements and the color in real time basis. By integrating the IoT with image recognition system the security and safety can be increased the smart cities. The security enhancement of the image recognition system should be considered as a primary factor because the image can be transferred from various places over the unsecured network or less secure network. By using the right kind of encryption for the image recognition process the security can be increased and the overall process becomes much safer. This special issue on the Security Enhancement of Image Recognition System in IoT based Smart Cities provides an excellent platform to exchange ideas, frameworks and technological approaches in developing, designing, implementing and operating within a specific environment inside the smart cities. This research on the security enhancement in image recognition system in an IOT based environment can be used in identifying the various opportunities and threats in the deployment of smart environment. Topics of interest include but are not restricted to: 
• Intelligent and secure face recognition system in Smart Cities

• An efficient Security based algorithm for image recognition system in IoT smart city framework

• Hardware Integration and Implementation of IoT and image processing on Security aspects

• Advanced image processing security applications for Smart Cities

• Security and privacy concerns of Image recognition system in an IoT based environment

• Secure Intrusion detection systems for IoT based smart cities

• Secure integration of Internet of Things with Image Processing system

• Recent advances secure image processing system for smart cities

• Enhancing security and privacy in image recognition based authentication systems

• IoT based Automated Image Detection Algorithm for Surveillance Systems in Smart Cities

• Increase of Security and Dependability for IoT enabled Smart environment

• Planning and building smart cities based on internet of things using secure recognition methods

• Importance of Internet of Things Security for Smart Cities

Internet of things; Image recognition system; Security enhancement; Smart cities