Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Computational Engineering & Sciences

Edited by Satya N.Atluri, Frederick W. Brust
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Contains the entire proceedings from the eighth ICES conference held August 18-24, 2000 in Anaheim, California.

Chapter Titles:

Boundary Element Methods
. Boundary Element Methods for Vibrations and Wave Propagation
. Composites: Modeling, Fabrication & Processing
. Computational Electronic Packaging
. Computational Intelligence and Advanced Information Technologies in Engineering Science
. Computational Mechanics for Electronic Devices/Components
. Computational Penetration Mechanics
. Computational
Structural Mechanics and High Performance Computing
. Computational Weld Mechanics & Welded Structures
. Computational Modeling of Shells
. Finite Rotations in Structural Mechanics
. Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
. Fluid-Structure Interactions
. Fracture & Damage Mechanics
. Homogenization and Computational Meso/Micro/Damage Mechanics
. Integrated Product and Process Design:Visualization and Virtual Reality
. Inverse Problems and Optimization
. Linear and/or Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis by BEM
. MEMS & Semiconductor Technology
. Mesh Adaptation & Optimization for Engineering Applications
. Meshless Methods
. Modeling of Smart Structures and Repairs
. Multidisciplinary Design & Optimization
. Multiphysics & Multibody Dynamics
. Multiscale Modeling & Simulations in Plasticity
. Simulation of Fracture and Failure in Solids
. Stability and Bifurcation
. T-Based Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics
. Weld Distortion Prediction for Automotive Structures
. Multiscale Simulations: Mechanics of Materials from the Nano- to the Meso-Scale.

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