Thin Films in the Presence of Chemical Reactions
A. Pereira; P.M.J. Trevelyan; U. Thiele; and S. Kalliadasis

Source FDMP: Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 303-316, 2007
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Keywords Thin films, chemical reactions, thermal/solutal Marangoni effect.
Abstract We investigate the interaction between thin films and chemical reactions by using two prototype systems: a thin liquid film falling down a planar inclined substrate in the presence of an exothermic chemical reaction and a horizontal thin liquid film with a reactive mixture of insoluble surfactants on its surface. In the first case the chemical reaction has a stabilizing influence on the dynamics of the film and dampens the free-surface solitary pulses. In the second case the chemical reaction can destabilize the film and lead to the formation of free-surface solitary pulses.
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