Electromagnetic DC Pump of Liquid Aluminium: Computer Simulation and Experimental Study
Nedeltcho Kandev; Val Kagan; and Ahmed Daoud

Source FDMP: Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 291-318, 2010
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Keywords DC magnetic pump, MHD flow, finite element method.
Abstract Results are presented of 3D numerical magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) simulation of electromagnetic DC pump for both laminar and turbulent metal flow under an externally imposed strongly non-uniform magnetic field. Numerous MHD flow cases were simulated using finite element method and the results of five typical examples are summarized here, including one example of laminar brake flow, one example of turbulent brake flow and three examples of turbulent pumping conditions. These simulations of laminar and turbulent channel flow of liquid metal correctly represent the formation of an M shaped velocity profile and are in good agreement with the results of recently published works.
In the case of turbulent flow an interesting effect found in the numerical simulation is the appearance of small current loops located in the zone of decreasing magnetic field.
A prototype of a DC electromagnetic pump for liquid aluminum, using a permanent magnet system, was built and characterized under different operating conditions. Numerous metal flow tests at different electromagnetic force levels were performed successfully. Theoretical and experimental operating characteristics of the pump were also developed. The operating characteristic obtained by numerical modeling is positioned very close to the experimental curve, indicating good agreement between the simulation results and the experimental data.
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