Vol.1, No.3, 2018, pp.251-261, doi:10.32604/jaop.2018.03983
Pivot-Point Beam Steerer
  • Muhammad Irfan Kaleema,b,*, Ryan G. Morrisonb, David L. Guytonb
a King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan
b The Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
* Corresponding Author:* Correspondence Author, E-mail: muhammadkaleem@kemu.edu.pk
A simplified beam-steering mount for a mirror or beam splitter can be adjusted quickly with three degrees of freedom, pivoting about the single point in space where the chief ray of the light beam strikes the reflecting surface, before being locked in place by tightening a single screw. The design goal is demonstrated by multiple superimposed images taken with different positions of the mount.
optomechanical design, optical fabrication, alignment, reflection, mirrors, beam splitters.
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Kaleem, M. I., Morrison, R. G., Guyton, D. L. (2018). Pivot-Point Beam Steerer. Journal of Advanced Optics and Photonics, 1(3), 251–261.