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25 September 2019


The 26th International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences (ICCES 2020) will take place in Budva, Montenegro, on April 26- May 3, 2020.

ICCES2020 has attracted 29 world-class plenary speakers and 26 minisymposia organized by renowned scholars all over the world, information can be found on the ICCES2020's website

The inaugural ICCES conference, founded in 1986 by Professors Satya N. Atluri and Genki Yagawa, was the first conference of its kind to focus on Computational Mechanics. The field has since grown, and the conference has grown with it: today, ICCES encompasses several disciplines and promotes basic as well as applied sciences and engineering.

ICCES draws on the experience of industrial practitioners, academic scholars and government representatives to bring a multidisciplinary and global approach to challenges in computational sciences. Topics of the conference include Composites, Methods for Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences and Structural Integrity & Longevity, etc., as well as any topic of interest to an appreciable fraction of the ICCES series.

Scholars in the fields of the conference are invited to propose and organize Minisymposia at ICCES2020. Proposals should be submitted electronically at ICCES2020's website, or send emails to

Montenegro is a beautiful country, rich with history and natural wonders. It welcomes visitors with an unparalleled spirit of hospitality and is conducive to scientific gatherings.

See you in April 2020 and meet us in Montenegro.

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