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Jiangsu Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (JSTAM) has become a major sponsor of Structural Durability & Health Monitoring (SDHM).

Jiangsu Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics(JSTAM), established in 1961, has currently had over 4500 individual members and 105 council members. All of them are representative and authoritative experts on mechanics of Jiangsu Province, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7 scientists enjoying special governmental subsidy of the State Council and 5 Yangtze River scholars, etc. The JSTAM has always been persisting in the philosophy of gathering talents by academic science and seeking development by services to maintain leadership from two perspectives, leading in the academic association of similar category in China and leading in the associations for mechanics at provincial level in China respectively. The mission of the JSTAM is to enhance four kinds of service, specifically, serving the innovative-driven development, serving consultation to the party committee and the government for decision making, serving the promotion of national scientific quality and serving scientific and technological workers as led by the home for members, the institution of public trust and the think tank base. The JSTAM features talents and technical resources in terms of vibration control, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and cross mechanics, etc.; in addition, the association is capable of providing talents, information and technical services in the field of aeronautics, astronautics, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, energy, transportation, machinery and material, etc.
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