Vol.73, No.2, 2022, pp.3081-3097, doi:10.32604/cmc.2022.029366
Optimal Deployment of Heterogeneous Nodes to Enhance Network Invulnerability
  • Qian Sun1,2, Fengbo Yang1,2, Xiaoyi Wang2,3,*, Jiping Xu1,2, Huiyan Zhang1,2, Li Wang1,2, Jiabin Yu1,2, Xiao Peng1,2, Ruichao Wang4
1 School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing, 100048, China
2 Beijing Laboratory for Intelligent Environmental Protection, Beijing, 100048, China
3 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, 100029, China
4 University College Dublin, Dublin4, Ireland
* Corresponding Author: Xiaoyi Wang. Email:
Received 01 March 2022; Accepted 07 April 2022; Issue published 16 June 2022
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) can be used in many fields. In wireless sensor networks, sensor nodes transmit data in multi hop mode. The large number of hops required by data transmission will lead to unbalanced energy consumption and large data transmission delay of the whole network, which greatly affects the invulnerability of the network. Therefore, an optimal deployment of heterogeneous nodes (ODHN) algorithm is proposed to enhance the invulnerability of the wireless sensor networks. The algorithm combines the advantages of DEEC (design of distributed energy efficient clustering) clustering algorithm and BAS (beetle antenna search) optimization algorithm to find the globally optimal deployment locations of heterogeneous nodes. Then, establish a shortcut to communicate with sink nodes through heterogeneous nodes. Besides, considering the practical deployment operation, we set the threshold of the mobile location of heterogeneous nodes, which greatly simplifies the deployment difficulty. Simulation results show that compared with traditional routing protocols, the proposed algorithm can make the network load more evenly, and effectively improve energy-utilization and the fault tolerance of the whole network, which can greatly improve the invulnerability of the wireless sensor networks.
Wireless sensor networks; invulnerability; small world characteristic; heterogeneous node; deployment
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Q. Sun, F. Yang, X. Wang, J. Xu, H. Zhang et al., "Optimal deployment of heterogeneous nodes to enhance network invulnerability," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 73, no.2, pp. 3081–3097, 2022.
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