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Preparation of a Slow Release Biofertilizer From a Polymeric Urea-Formaldehyde Matrix (PUFM)

Laura Siverio Martínez1, Mayra González Hurtado1,*, Laura M. Castro González2, Jacques Rieumont Briones3, Ariel Martínez García1, María I. Hernández Díaz4

1 Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Polymer Laboratory, University of Havana, Zapata and G, C.P. 10400, C. Havana City, Cuba.
2 National Autonomous University of Mexico, Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Coyoacan, Distrito Federal, MX.
3 Faculty of Chemistry, University of Havana, Department of Physical Chemistry, Zapata and G, C.P. 10400, Havana City, Cuba.
4 Institute of Horticultural Research Liliana Dimitrova, Quivicán, km 33½. Havana City, Cuba.

* Corresponding Author: Mayra González Hurtado. Email: email.


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