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  • Modeling and Simulation of Entrepreneur Individual Based on Dynamic and Complex System Computing
  • Abstract There are disadvantages such as lack of resources and experience in college students’ entrepreneurship and the current research belong to the investigation and research, lacking the prediction simulation model research. Based on the theory of individual learning and the theory of complex systems, this study analyzes the mechanism of college students’ entrepreneurial process through dynamic learning theory, establishes the model of college students’ entrepreneurial subject, studies the different learning styles of college students, and discusses the influence of environmental dynamics on college students’ chance recognition. Through simulation and practice analysis, it is concluded that college students’ entrepreneurship is the process…
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  • Mechanism Design and Mechanical Analysis of Multi-Suction Sliding Cleaning Robot Used in Glass Curtain Wall
  • Abstract In order to meet the needs of high-altitude glass curtain wall cleaning, a multi-suction sliding cleaning robot was designed. The sliding robot sucker, cleaning system, obstacle avoidance and rotation ability, walking circuit and mobile working principle of the cleaning robot were designed. This involved the analysis of the robot’s anti-rollover mechanics during adsorption, of robotic winds when working at height, and of anti-sliding mechanics during robot movement, in order to explore feasible ways to improve the robot’s adsorption performance. The relationship between the effective diameter D of the suction cup, the vacuum degree △ P, and the gravity G should…
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  • Construction of an International Digital Sharing Platform of Dongba Manuscripts and Dongba Hieroglyphs
  • Abstract With the aim of protecting, bequeathing, and sharing globally the Dongba manuscripts of the Chinese Naxi minority, the memory and heritage of which is under threat, this paper proposes ideas and plans for building a digital sharing platform to fulfil this aim using computer technology, information processing, online dissemination, multimedia display and other technologies to build an international digital platform for the sharing of Dongba manuscripts. This platform provides digital resources comprising Dongba manuscripts and related literature, tools for deciphering Dongba manuscripts, an environment for undertaking and sharing research, and dynamic information on the research findings and inheritance. The platform…
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  • Intelligent Power Compensation System Based on Adaptive Sliding Mode Control Using Soft Computing and Automation
  • Abstract The approach power compensator system (APCS) plays a role in the automatic carrier landing system (ACLS), and the performance of the APCS is affected by the carrier air-wake in the final-approach . In this paper, the importance of the APCS is verified through the analysis of the signal flow chart of the ACLS. Hence, it is necessary to suppress the carrier air-wake in order to improve the anti-interference ability. The adaptive sliding mode control (ASMC) not only has better dynamic tracking performance compared to the nonlinear mode, but also can efficiently resist the disturbance caused by the carrier air-wake. The…
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  • An Upper Bound of Task Loads in a Deadline-D All Busy Period for Multiprocessor Global EDF Real-Time Systems
  • Abstract This paper addresses a number of mathematical issues related to multiprocessor global EDF platforms. We present a deadline-d all busy period and backward interference which are important concepts for multiprocessor EDF systems, and some general schedulability conditions for any studied job are proposed. We formally prove that at most m-1 different tasks’ jobs could contribute their execution time to an interval starting with a Pbusy−d, and we propose an approach for computing an exact upper bound of the total deadline-d task load in a given interval. Therefore, the proposed results are important foundations for constructing exact schedulability analyses of global…
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  • Teensensor: Gaussian Processes for Micro-Blog Based Teen’S Acute and Chronic Stress Detection
  • Abstract Stress is a common problem all over the world. More and more teenagers today have to cope with different stressor events coming from school, family, peer relation, self-cognition, romantic relation, etc. Over-stress without proper guidance will lead to a series of potential problems including physical and mental disorders, and even suicide due to the shortage of teen’ s psychological endurance and controllability. Therefore, it is necessary and important to timely sense adolescents’ stress and help them release the stress properly. In this paper, we present a micro-blog based system called TeenSensor, aiming to detect teens acute and chronic stress from…
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  • Application of Radial Basis Function Networks with Feature Selection for GDP Per Capita Estimation Based on Academic Parameters
  • Abstract In this work, a system based on Radial Basis Function Network was developed to estimate Gross Domestic Product per capita. The data set based on 180 academic parameters of 13 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries was used to verify the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed method. Gross Domestic Product per capita was studied to be estimated for the first time with academic parameters in this study. The system has been optimized using feature selection method to eliminate unimportant features. Radial Basis Function network results and Radial Basis Function network with feature selection method results were compared. The…
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  • Non-Deterministic Outlier Detection Method Based on the Variable Precision Rough Set Model
  • Abstract This study presents a method for the detection of outliers based on the Variable Precision Rough Set Model (VPRSM). The basis of this model is the generalisation of the standard concept of a set inclusion relation on which the Rough Set Basic Model (RSBM) is based. The primary contribution of this study is the improvement in detection quality, which is achieved due to the generalisation allowed by the classification system that allows a certain degree of uncertainty. From this method, a computationally efficient algorithm is proposed. The experiments performed with a real scenario and a comparison of the results with…
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  • A Novel Fuzzy Rough Sets Theory Based CF Recommendation System
  • Abstract Collaborative Filtering (CF) is one of the popular methodology in recommender systems. It suffers from the data sparsity problem, recommendation inaccuracy and big-error in predictions. In this paper, the efficient advisory tool is implemented for the younger generation to choose their right career based on their knowledge. It acquires the notions of indiscernible relation from Fuzzy Rough Sets Theory (FRST) and propose a novel algorithm named as Fuzzy Rough Set Theory Based Collaborative Filtering Algorithm (FRSTBCF). To evaluate the model, data is prepared using the cross validation method. Based on that, ratings are evaluated by calculating the MAE (mean average…
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