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Innovation Technologies in Sports and Healthcare

Submission Deadline: 31 October 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Prof. Aboul Ella Hassanien, Cairo University, Egypt
Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar, Prince Sultan University, Kingdom Saudi Arabia


Nowadays sport, healthcare and emerging technologies are an evolving interdisciplinary are that emphasis the use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain technology to improve and support the decision making process in healthcare sector and sport. Therefore, Internet of Medical Things concept is used in the healthcare based on wireless sensor networks and smart devices with data analytics capabilities to access patient’s records that can be used for patients monitoring and in diagnosis and interventions.

Advances in technology have always had a significant impact on sport. The world of sport is always evolving, and one of those areas that has had an influence on various sports and health promotion is the use of technology. Emerging digital technologies are providing exciting new ways to enjoy sport, altering the fan experience, drawing online viewers, and pushing people to stadiums. There are a variety of developing technologies in sports medicine, but many lack the fundamental research, preclinical, and clinical studies necessary to verify their safety and usefulness. Sensors are frequently at the heart of technology in sports equipment and athletic apparel. Athletes can wear sensors or have them incorporated into their shoes and clothes. Sensors may be used for everything from measuring health and biometrics to giving real-time results to scoreboards, depending on their specific capabilities. In sports, a variety of sensors are utilized, including: Heart rate monitors to monitor your heart rate and breathing patterns, Inertial sensors that analyses human motion and can be used to help people recover from injuries and accidents and Position, rotation, acceleration, and speed are all monitored using accelerometers and gyroscopes.

The main objective of this Issue is to highlight the role emerging technologies in healthcare and how emerging technologies can change the way of doing sport, favouring health promotion. For the healthcare sector, it is important to propose this issue in the period of pandemics as with COVID-19 in order to find some solutions that can improve healthcare services and minimize cost. This Special Issue seeks commentaries, original research articles, short reports, and reviews on all emerging technologies in sport and healthcare. This Special Issue focuses on recent advances addressing emerging technological developments for healthcare, wellness, sport, and exercise scenarios.


 Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and sport industry
 Artificial intelligence and implications for sport officiating
 Internet of Things in sport and healthcare
 Blockchain technology for security in sport and healthcare
 Emerging technologies in health and sport
 Internet of medical things
 Persuasive Technologies in Healthcare and sport
 Smart phone apps for sport and health
 Sports video structure and semantic analysis
 3D reconstruction and visualisation of sports event
 Multi-camera and sensor networks in sport
 Emerging technology and goal-line technology
 Artificial intelligence for body-worn or body implanted systems
 3D Printing Technologies and Implications for Sport Management
 Internet of things for sport, and exercise scenarios
 Emerging blood doping technology and implications for sport management
 Bionic vision technology and implications for sport management
 On-body and intra-body communication and sensor systems
 Wearable technology for sport and health applications
 Implantable sensor networks for sport and healthcare

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