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Expert Scientific Editing Services

We offer professional scientific editing services to authors who are difficult to write a major academic work, especially with complicated or abstract subjects, inclusive of an in-depth critique of your research and significantly improve the readability of your article. Our premium editing should be your first service selection for manuscript in need of high-level editorial support prior to submission to increase your chances of acceptance in high-impact journals.

√ Perform comprehensive language editing services

√ Improve the written scientific logic

√ Improve the clarity the paragraph structure rationality

√ Provide in-depth critical comments, suggestions and questions in perspective of reviewers

√ Provide extensive manuscript assessment, edits, and feedback to optimize study design

√ Identify and correct errors, omissions, and deficiencies for more accurate and scientifically rigorous

√ Provide scientific evolution report and valuable feedback to improve the quality of your article

 Billing Instructions*

Word Count

Price (English Editing)

0-2000 words


 2000-4000 words


 4000-6000 words


> 6000 words

$14.1/100 words

*5-7 business days

What’s specific about  expert scientific editing  service?

√ Help modify paper according to review comments

√ Free cover letter for editors

√ Free re-edit of 30% content in one month

√ Free journal format typesetting

√ Free evaluation report


In language editing services, standard editing and expert scientific editing  differ in several aspects:

Standard Editing: Suitable for authors with considerable writing experience. Authors are capable of producing an initial draft of their paper in English, but require language and grammar refinement before submission, or for minor revisions needed on the manuscript. We ensure that papers processed through standard proofreading have no spelling errors, grammar errors, tense errors, singular/plural errors, punctuation errors, inaccuracies in scientific terminology, inconsistency in word usage, or obvious structural errors in sentences (such as missing subjects or verbs); meeting the language requirements for publication in international journals.


Expert Scientific Editing  : Suitable for authors with less writing experience or for papers addressing highly complex research topics, aiming for submission to higher-impact journals. In addition to in-depth proofreading, this service involves editors structuring the article from the perspective of reviewers, ensuring scientific accuracy of content presentation, and enhancing overall coherence and logical structure of the narrative. Ultimate Proofreading consists of two rounds of service. After the completion of the first round of proofreading, authors can further refine their articles based on the editor's academic suggestions and respond to related queries from the editor. Editors will proceed with the second round of proofreading, making further modifications to the article based on the information provided by the authors and finalizing the manuscript. Through Ultimate Proofreading, the quality of the manuscript will be significantly enhanced, facilitating submissions to higher-impact journals.

◆ Service Process

· Contact via Email

Send an email to our designated email address for manuscript submissions. Please provide information about your document, including its subject area and target journal, our team will review it to determine the scope of editing required so that we can accurately match it with the most suitable editor. We will then provide you with a quotation, it will be sent to you via email, along with instructions on how to proceed with payment.

· Payment

Once you have reviewed and accepted the quotation, you can proceed with the payment.

We accept various payment methods, detailed payment instructions will be provided in the email containing the quotation.

· Editing Process

After receiving the payment, we will assign an experienced editor to work on your manuscript.

Our editor will carefully review your document, addressing issues such as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, clarity, and overall coherence. The editor also provide suggestions for improving the flow and readability of the text.

· Quality Check

Once the editing process is complete, the edited document will undergo a thorough quality check by our in-house quality assurance team. The quality check ensures that all edits have been implemented accurately and that the manuscript meets our high standards of quality.

· Receive Edited Document

Upon completion of the editing process, we will send you the edited manuscript via email. The document will be returned to you in the same format as the original submission (e.g., Microsoft Word) in both tracked (highlight all revisions) and clean versions.


◆ Contact Us



◆ FAQs

What paper formats are accepted?

We accept Microsoft Word (.doc or.docx)


Whom should I contact if I have questions or feedback?

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated editorial team. Our team thoroughly reviews every edited manuscript to ensure the highest quality. Whether you need our services or have inquiries, comments, or suggestions regarding what we offer, please contact us via email, and we will promptly respond within 1 business day.


How can I place an order with you?

To place an order with us, follow these simple steps. First, review the service description to understand our offerings. Then, obtain an instant quote by providing an accurate word count of your document(s). When you're ready to proceed, send us an email with the details of your document, including the subject area and purpose of your paper. This enables us to assign the most suitable editor for your needs. Once you've submitted your document and made the payment, we will promptly begin the editing process. Within the specified delivery time, you will receive your revised document, complete with tracked (highlight all revisions) and clean versions.


Will your language editing services increase the acceptance rate of articles?

While our language editing services can significantly enhance the quality of articles, the acceptance of an article ultimately depends on various factors. These factors include the novelty and significance of the research, adherence to the journal's guidelines, and the evaluation by peer reviewers and editors. 

20 May 2024