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Innovations and Current Trends in Nanomaterials for Soft Computing and Energy Applications

Submission Deadline: 24 December 2018 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. V. Vijayan, Anna University, Chennai, India
Dr. B. Suresh Kumar, Anna University, Chennai, India
Mr. A. Godwin Antony, India


The recent advancement concentrates on computation in all the possible aspects. The soft computing is a technology which is widely used in Industries for reducing the losses incurred during production. Current market focuses mainly on improved quality and durability of products available to them. Hence, this special issue focuses on the computation and nano materials application to fulfill the customer expectation. Major property changes can be observed in the crystal structure owing to the presence of nano/micro materials. Soft computing can be applied to study their behavior under various environmental conditions like thermal, electrical, magnetic, etc. According to the material behavior towards the conditions, their end product suitability is decided. The insight of micro structure is a vital knowledge, and various techniques like finite element modeling, phase field modeling, molecular dynamics, etc can be involved. Simulation of Micro structure formation, evaluation, cracks propagation can be done.


Synthesis of Nano materials, Energy, Environment, Soft computing materials.

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