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Advancement in Biomaterials & Smart Materials for Healthcare

Submission Deadline: 30 July 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Gaurav Kumar, Galgotias University, India.
Dr. Santosh Kumar, Konkuk University, South Korea.
Dr. Arvind Kumar, Chandigarh Engineering College Jhanjeri, Mohali.
Dr. Sudip Paul, North-Eastern Hill University, India.


In the present era, researchers are continuously working to develop newer biomaterials and smart materials for rehabilitation, implantation, disease diagnosis, and treatment. Various materials are discovered for dental implants including, surface-modified titanium implants, roxolid, and zirconia to fulfill the functional requirements. Metals, metals alloys, ceramics, and polymers are also utilized in medical implants, tissue healers, tissue regenerators, biosensors, drug delivery, and disease diagnosis. Smart materials are known for their unique responsivity property according to an external stimulus such as magnetic field, electrical field, pH, temperature, light, and stress hence has a wide range of application in healthcare. Smart materials including shape memory alloys are play a significant role in the development of sensors and actuators which are utilized for orthopedic, angioplasty, cardiovascular, and orthodontic applications.

This special issue welcomes original research and review papers focused on the designing, modification, and application of biomaterials and smart materials in the field of assistive devices, rehabilitation, implantation, disease diagnosis, and treatment.


1. Smart materials/biomaterials for disease diagnosis
2. Biomaterials as therapeutics
3. Biomaterials & smart materials as medical implants
4. Metal and metal alloys as dental & orthopaedic implants
5. Shape memory alloys in in orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications
6. Ceramics and polymers in prostheses & orthodontic devices
7. Applications of biomaterials & smart materials in Biosensors
8. Smart materials & biomaterials for drug delivery
9. Biomaterials in issue healing & regeneration
10. Smart materials and biomaterials in assistive devices & rehabilitation

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