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Advance Technology in Inside Threat Management in E-commerce

Submission Deadline: 01 June 2021 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Arun Kumar Sivaraman, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India.
Dr. Mujahid Tabassum, University of Technology and Applied Science, (HCT), Oman.
Dr. Jubaer Ahmed, Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia.


E-commerce is the quickly strategy in the retail industry provides an effective forum for business organisations to trade and sell their goods over the internet. It supports a wide range of business services such as internet finance, online transfers of money, online transaction management systems, inventory management systems, supply chain management, organisation management and other activities. Mobile and personal computing's enormous evolution produces a breakthrough with future opportunities and obstacles in e-commerce applications. In addition, banking and processing systems can contain confidential information for users, which is heavily susceptible to different suspicious incidents and malicious activities. Securing e-commerce systems has become more and more relevant in recent years, and researchers worldwide are committed to seeking suitable solutions.

Cybersecurity offers legal e-commerce tools that guarantee safe purchases between the consumer and the vendor. They offer realistic techniques for identifying fraudulent activity through e-commerce networks and e-security algorithms. The use of cryptography creates consumers' knowledge, in particular with the banking and financial industries, which allows them to perform safe e-commerce transactions. With accurate enforcement of the concepts of cyber protection, personal information such as the credit card data of people, bank account information, identification of consumers and some other customers' private information can also be successfully protected. In brief, cybersecurity has various advantages for e-commerce, but security vulnerabilities and challenges are necessary to contend with. In addition, with emerging developments and evolving demands internet processing networks have drawn a vast number of users and can result in increased cyber attacks and disruptive practises. This can lead to more information. This allows e-company applications to be informed by practical solutions by generating emerging developments and advancement in cyber security. This special issue seeks to investigate the current developments in this context.


E-commerce; cyber security; flaws in security; authenticity; non-repudiation; credibility of data

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