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Towards Making Everything Smart by Using Edge Computing-based Internet of Things

Submission Deadline: 11 November 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Muhammad Shiraz, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Pakistan.
Dr. Qaisar Shaheen, The Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
Dr. Muhammad Anwar, University of Education, Pakistan.


Advances in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have made interoperability possible for everyday devices at home, city, hospitals, educational institutes and industries that can be networked to give the inhabitants new and unexpected possibilities. Particularly, the high penetration rate of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm in every environment allows to introduce the new concepts of “Smart home, Smart city, e-Health, Smart e-learning and Smart industries” In this context, the latest sensor technologies and Edge Computing (EC) technological environment are playing major role to monitor everything to improve their overall quality of life.

,The EC applications along with the IoT field are essential technical directions that enable e-health, hospitals/smart homes/cities, smart industries, smart supply chain, automation, and a variety of other computing and networking environments. In EC computing applications, data and services are available on the network edge, which enables the network edge to run in an isolated environment from the rest of the network and provide access to local resources and data. These features make EC paradigm suitable for context-aware, location-sensitive, intelligent, and real-time applications as it can be envisaged as an interface between IoT and Cloud.

How to design efficient system architectures, transmission strategies, and protocols for EC based IoT and how to efficiently analyze and evaluate the system performance are important issues to need to be addressed. This Special Issue intends to collect cutting-edge researches from both academia and industry, with emphasis to address all these topics and invite contributions from worldwide leading researchers. Both original research and review articles are welcome.


Smart homes by using EC.
Smart industries by using EC.
Smart agriculture by using EC.
E-Health by using EC.
Smart City by using EC.
Advances in Soft-computing for EC based IoT Applications.
Quality of Experience/Quality of Service for EC based IoT.
Networked computing architectures and infrastructures for EC based IoT.
Location Aware/Energy efficient solutions for EC based IoT.
Mobility management in cloud-aware EC based IoT.
Security, Privacy and Trust in cloud-aware EC based IoT.
Transmission strategies in cloud-aware EC based IoT.
Resource’s allocation in cloud-aware EC based IoT.
Offloading/Pre-Push strategies in cloud-aware EC based IoT.
New data collection schemes and enhanced monitoring using IoT.

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