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Laminated Metal Matrix Composites

Submission Deadline: 10 October 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Mohammad Heydari Vini, Islamic Azad University, Iran.
Dr. S. Daneshmand, Islamic Azad University, Iran.
Dr. Vahid Monfared, Harvard University, USA.
Dr. Afshin Ahmadi, Shahrekord University, Iran.
Dr. Soheil Salahshour, Bahcesehir University, Turkey.


This Special Issue aims to gather the latest findings of the international research community on the fabrication of laminated metal matrix composites (MMCs). In the development of modern science and technology, composite materials technology plays a significant role. In compared to traditional materials, laminated MMCs have improved mechanical properties and have potential application in the manufacture of aircraft aerospace, components, vessels, automobile, electronic devices, military, biomedical prosthesis and etc.

Recent advances in composite technology is a special issue peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the publication of original full-length research papers of the highest quality which address the advances in the research and development of laminated MMCs. This Special Issue will cover all aspects of “Laminated Metal Matrix Composites” including: Synthesis, secondary processing, properties (tensile, compressive, fatigue, bonding, impact, creep, tribological, etc.), corrosion behavior and joining techniques. The main purpose, thus, will be to bring the latest results in the area of laminated metal matrix composites to the research community worldwide.


1. laminated composites
2. Property
3. Synthesis
4. Microstructure

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