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Artificial Intelligence for clinical medicine and computer-aided diagnosis (CAD)

Submission Deadline: 31 May 2023 (closed) View: 29

Guest Editors

Dr. Rizwan Ali Naqvi, Sejong University,  Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
Dr. Muhammad Zeshan Alam, Brandon University, Canada
Dr. Azeem Hafeez, University of Michigan, USA
Dr. Kamran Siddique, Xiamen University Malaysia, Sepang, Malaysia


Artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare has been a particularly hot topic in recent years, which led to the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence in precise clinical medicine. The application in medicine, such as AI-based clinical decision-making, computational intelligence in medicine, automated reasoning in medicine, computer-aided diagnosis (CAD), disease prediction and detection for precision medicine, immersive video in health care education, and a variety of applications in computer vision and artificial intelligence for bio-medicine and medical analysis. The special issue will include research related to AI-based medical diagnosis, precision medicine, medical robot vision, immersive mental health interventions, deep learning-based medical image analysis for disease prediction, disease detection, and automated disease risk assessment. Indeed, to ensure accuracy in medicine and aid the healthcare system, a high level of accuracy is required in the deployment of an artificially intelligent and precise medical system. While AI technology has matured, its performance is still affected by various medical and non-medical factors, and recent artificially intelligent approaches have been attempted to fuse multiple approaches to ensure a robust healthcare system. The objective of this Special Issue is to invite high-quality, state-of-the-art research papers that deal with challenging tasks in an intelligent medical and clinical system with the use of machine/deep learning to enhance the accuracy of medical disease prediction, diagnosis, and detection. We solicit original papers of unpublished and completed research that are not currently under review by any other conference/magazine/journal.


The topics of interest are broad, including but not limited to the related sub-topics listed below:
● AI in clinical and applied medicine
● AI-based medical/ clinical decision support system
● Computationally intelligent clinical medicine
● Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) for clinical medicine
● AI in medicine for human biology and healthcare 
● Automated disease prediction, analysis, detection, and reasoning
● AI and robotics in precision medicine and healthcare system
● Deep learning for medical image analysis (classification, detection, segmentation)
● AI modeling for clinical medicine and efficient monitoring
● Data, image, and video-based disease prediction detection and analysis for clinical medicine
● Immersive mental health interventions

Published Papers

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