Frontiers in Intelligent Computing Approaches and Techniques in Engineering

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Rudra Sankar Dhar, National Institute of Technology Mizoram, India.
Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharyya, Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management, India.
Dr. Rajesh Dey, Brainware University, Kolkata.


The proposed Special issue aims to bring together interdisciplinary approaches that focus on the application of innovative, as well as existing computational engineering methodologies. Since typical computational techniques are dominated by data or semantic heterogeneities and are dynamic in nature, computer science researchers are obliged and encouraged to develop new suitable algorithms, tools, and applications to efficiently tackle them, whereas existing ones need to be adapted to the individual special characteristics using traditional methodologies. Computational Engineering is a rapidly growing field that uses advanced computing and data analysis to understand and solve complex problems. It has reached a level of predictive capability that now firmly complements the traditional pillars of experimentation and theoretical considerations. The recent advances in experimental techniques such as detectors, online sensor networks, and high-resolution imaging techniques have opened up new windows into physical and biological processes at many levels of detail. The resulting data explosion allows for detailed data-driven modeling and simulation. This new discipline in science combines computational thinking, modern computational methods, devices, and collateral technologies to address problems far beyond the scope of traditional numerical methods. Application of computing in biomedical and basic and advanced features of microwave and millimeter wave (High frequency) communication.


Parallel, distributed High-performance computing, Computational and data science, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Big data applications, algorithms, and systems, Cloud/edge/fog computing, Green computing; and Quantum computing, Intelligent Systems, Computing in Communication, Optical, semiconductor electronics, Networking, Electromagnetics and Green Energy designing etc.

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