Multicriteria Decision Making Methods in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Submission Deadline: 09 March 2024 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Dr. Mingwei Lin, Fujian Normal University, China.
Dr. Harish Garg, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, India.


Multicriteria decision making (MCDM) is a process that allows making decisions in the presence of multiple, usually conflicting criteria. The problems of MCDM can be mainly classified into two categories: the multiple attribute decision making (MADM) and multiple objective decision making (MODM). Multicriteria decision making is an important tool in the management sciences. Because of its good performance, many multicriteria decision making methods have been proposed to handle the information fusion and assessment problems in the artificial intelligence, such as the TOPSIS, aggregation operators, VIKOR, MULTIMOORA, AHP, etc. It has been one of the research hotspots in artificial intelligence.

This special issue will collect the evolving research about the design, development, and application of multicriteria decision making methods. Thus, this special issue will highlight novel, practical, and high-quality research manuscripts regarding them. Particularly, it will emphasize on the novel multicriteria decision making methods and their applications in artificial intelligence.


• Multicriteria decision making methods
• Multicriteria decision making applications in Artificial Intelligence
• Multicriteria decision making tools
• Multicriteria decision making for fusing uncertain information in AI
• Multicriteria decision making for evaluating AI models
• The combination method of multicriteria decision making and artificial intelligence
• The applications of multicriteria decision making and artificial intelligence
• Data quality based on multicriteria decision making
• Heterogeneous information in multicriteria decision making

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