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Controlling of Fluid Mechanics in Combustion and Energy Saving

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Guest Editors

Assoc. Prof. Bo Yu, China University of Mining and Technology, CHINA
Prof. Xiang-yu Zhang, Xi'an Thermal Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd, CHINA
Assoc. Prof. Xiao Yang, China University of Mining and Technology, CHINA
Prof. Yin-di Zhang, Yangtze University, CHINA
Assoc. Prof. Zhi-wei Jiang, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, CHINA


Fluid mechanics, which plays an important role in energy utilization, is the foundation of combustion application and energy saving. A reasonable airflow distribution is the key to improving combustion efficiency for fossil fuels. In addition to fossil fuels, the new fuel utilization process also involves the basic knowledge of fluid mechanics, including sludge drying, biomass drying, wet sludge atomization combustion, NH3 combustion and another engineering technical process. In terms of tail gas treatment, there are many technical and scientific problems that can be explored in the processes, including desulfurization and denitration, dust removal, low-temperature heat exchanger design and development, contact waste heat recovery, thermal storage combustion, etc. The scientific issues in these processes cover the basic problems of fluid mechanics, including flow measurement, flow numerical simulation, flow experimental verification, theory and application of multiphase flow, flow in porous, flow and heat transfer coupling, etc. As a result, the study of fluid mechanics is the basis for the innovation of clean combustion and energy saving science and technology.


Suggested topics related to this special issue include, but are not limited to:

• progress in fluid mechanics

• fluid mechanics in combustion

• fluid mechanics in material pretreatment

• solid particle transport


• flow in tail gas treatment

• pollutant removal

• fluid flow and heat transfer

• flow measurement

 multiphase flow

• low in porous media


• other related issues


Fluid mechanics, combustion, Pollutant removal, multiphase flow, CFD, flow measurement

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