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Applications of Nanofluids in Heat Transfer Systems

Submission Deadline: 25 December 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Prof. Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi, Shahrood University of Technology, Iran
Prof. Giulio Lorenzini, University of Parma, Italy 


Nanofluids are known as modified heat transfer fluids which are applicable in different thermal mediums. Due to improved thermo-physical properties of the nanofluids, utilizing them in thermal devices can remarkably enhance the performance. Nanofluids are bale to modify different mechanisms of heat transfer including boiling, free convection and forced convection. Depending on the required applications, the type of solid nanostructures and the base fluid vary. In addition to the compositions of nanofluids, other factors such as concentration of solid phase and operating condition must be considered in order to reach the most favorable performance of thermal devices. In this regard, it is crucial to investigate the factors affecting performance of nanofluidic heat transfer devices. The present special issue focuses on the applications of nanofluids in thermal mediums. High quality numerical, experimental, review and analytical researches are invited to be submitted to this issue. The most interesting subjects-but are not limited to- for this special issues are as follows:

• Nano-PCM based system for energy recovery and storage

• Effect of using nanofluids on convective heat transfer.

• Applications of nanofluids in enhancement of single- and two-phase heat transfer.

• Impact of utilizing nanofluids on the thermal performance of various heat exchanger.

• Energy and exergy analysis of nanofluidic thermal devices.

• Applications of artificial intelligence in predicting the properties of nanofluids and the performance of nanofluidic thermal devices.

• Performance optimization of nanofluidic thermal systems by considering economic and environmental criteria.

• Applications of nanofluids in renewable energy-based thermal systems such as solar collectors and the heat exchangers used in geothermal systems. 

• Thermal systems using hybrid nanofluids


Nanofluids; Thermal devices; Energy and exergy analysis ;Intelligence methods

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