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Nanofluids Thin Film Flow: Combined Theoretical and Experimental Characteristics

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2021 (closed)

Guest Editors

Mohamed Eid, New Valley University, Egypt
Ahmed F. Al-Hossainy, New Valley University, Egypt
Taseer Muhammad, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia


The restore of energy is a core topic in recent studies on the production of advanced clean energy technologies and services. Nanofluid is a resource for energy regeneration depending on metal nanoparticles' complex thermophysical properties. The study of flow and heat transfer in a thin fluid film is frequently encountered in manufacturing and engineering applications. These techniques are wire and fiber insulation, metallic plates cooling, silicone layer painting, rubber aerodynamic extrusion, and copper wiring thinning. The utility of finite liquid films can be viewed from the atmosphere to engineering in numerous fields such as films of a human tear, the use of membranes in bio-physics and coating flows, and many other developments in the industry. The universal life and the valuable uses of finite fluid film in nature compelled scientists and technicians, in this flood of the thin film, to research instruments. This special subject deals with a number of research issues related to nanostructured thin films, fabricated thin films, and heat transfer advances. The key aim is to provide researchers in various fields interested in nanotechnologies, materials sciences, and fluid mechanics for heat transfer. We, therefore, call for quality research work on the modeling and simulation of mono and hybrid nanofluids thin-film with different theoretical and experimental properties. The research papers concentrate on recent and important research


Nanofluids thin film flow, computational modeling of nanofluids, structural properties, mono and hybrid nanofluid, heat and mass transfer of nanofluids, newtonian and non-newtonian nanofluids, numerical and analytical study, porous media, DFT, FT-IR spectrum, optical properties, spin coating, sol-gel technique.

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