Blockchain Ecosystem Technological and Management Challenges and Opportunities

Submission Deadline: 28 April 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr.Prabhu J, Vellore Institute of Technology, India.
Dr. Sathishkumar V E, Hanyang University, Korea.


Rapid advances are being made in blockchain technology, as evidenced both in the number of published papers and the number of active researchers. Blockchain is a foundational and platform technology considering its existing offerings and it is expected to be a key enabling technology and a new general purpose technology to revolutionize the business activities and interactions in the future considering its economic, political, humanitarian, and legal system benefits. Blockchain has diverse applications and has the potential to be leveraged in different aspects of management and technology. For example, blockchain characteristics such as decentralization, verifiability, and immutability, can be utilized to ensure authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data and business activities underpinning our modern society and economy. All existing technological, management and engineering-related systems and frameworks lack a revised understanding of blockchain-based constellations. Yet, little is known about factors related to management and technical decisions to adopt this technology and how it can ‘engineering’ be put into better use to address current and emerging blockchain technology and platform-related issues.


1. Blockchain-enabled new business systems, models, and applications
2. Blockchain-based trust and regulation mechanisms
3. New business relationships and activities based on smart contracts and distributed ledger
4. Blockchain for decentralization and distributed systems
5. Management processes and methods based on blockchain
6. Blockchain for crowdsourcing

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