Intelligent Communication and Smart Grid Automation Applications

Submission Deadline: 31 October 2021 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Adesh Kumar, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India.
Dr. Rupendra Kumar Pachauri, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India.
Dr. Roushan Kumar, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India.


This special issue aims to bring together researchers, scientists, professors, research scholars, and students to share and disseminate information and knowledge on scientific research works related to smart grid, communication, safety, embedded system software, and hardware, digital signal processing (DSP) processors, intelligent communication hardware, and applications. The special issue will provide the authors an opportunity for international collaboration and networking among universities and institutions for promoting research and future technologies. This special issue endeavors to promote the translation of basic research into applied investigation and convert applied investigation into the practice.

Present electric grids are advanced to integrate smart grids, distributed resources, high-speed sensing and control, and other advanced metering technologies. Cybersecurity is one of the challenges of the smart grid and nuclear plant digital system. It affects the advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), for grid data communication and controls the information in real-time.



The objective of the special issue is to provide a platform to the domain researches on the design, development, programming, engineering, and management of the different applications for smart grid and communication technologies that involve large scale computation, complexity, methodologies, broad range of approaches, and techniques for specific application in real life.



Original research paper, technical paper, review paper on the smart grid, 5G communication, computing

Investigates theoretical, experimental and engineering for computer communication, networks, system model and real time verification

Cyber security, threats models, cryptography, embedded hardware, IOT and RTOS for grid


Call for Papers

Original and high-quality research papers are solicited in all areas of smart grid, systems, intelligent communications, and applications. We seek research full papers on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to the followings:

Communication Infrastructure and Security

Autonomous control and adaptive protection

Data management and visualization

Monitoring and alarming

Diagnosis and prognosis

Advanced interface with distributed resources

Real-time modeling

Automation and Smart Grid

Embedded System Design

Embedded Computing

Embedded and real-time software

FPGA and Low Power VLSI Design

Digital System & Logic Design

Automation & Robotics

5G Communication & Networks

Optical Communication

Machine-to-Machine Communication Networks

Wireless sensor networks and routing Techniques

Network Management

Machine learning Applications in Grid

Nuclear Plant and Grid

Energy and Grid

SCADA and Smart Grid

Reconfigurable Computing Hardware

Healthcare system and management

Multiprocessor system on chip


Tentative Title for Papers

1. Smart Grid Introduction

2. Path and challenges in smart Grid

3. Smart Grid Applications to Distributed Networks

4. Smart Grid Monitoring and Authentication

5. Role of 5G Communication in smart grid

6. Recent advances for embedded computing and wearable devices for smart grid

7. Low Power VLSI and FPGA solutions for Grid

8. Grid Transmission, distribution, and Control

9. Smart grid security threats, vulnerabilities, and solutions

10. Smart scheduling metering and communication infrastructure

11. Smart grid and renewable energy

12. Reliability, availability, and confidentiality of grid

13. Software simulation and modeling

14. Advanced metering infrastructure

15. Grid management and green engineering


Smart Grid, Automation Technology, Communication Technology

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