Effect of Abiotic Stress Treatments on the Antioxidants Activities, Secondary Metabolites and Postharvest Physico-Chemical Properties of Fruits and Vegetables

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Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. Hossam S. El-Beltagi, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. helbeltagi@kfu.edu.sa; Cairo University, Giza, Egypt. helbeltagi@agr.cu.edu.eg

Prof. Dr. Mohamed M. El-Mogy, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt. elmogy@agr.cu.edu.eg


Abiotic stress includes all adverse conditions for plant growth such as extreme either high or low temperature, radiation, salinity, humidity, drought, heavy metals toxicity, or all other unaffordable environmental conditions. Many previous works studied the influence of abiotic stress treatments on growth, production, gene expression, secondary metabolites and antioxidant enzymes of fruits and vegetables crops. However, limited works investigated the effects of abiotic stress treatments on quality, postharvest behaviour, storage ability, molecular response, antioxidants and bioactive compounds content of fresh fruits and vegetables crops.

The main quality parameters of fresh products are color, flavour, texture, and nutritive value. Color is mainly related to natural pigments such as chlorophylls, carotenoids, and anthocyanins. Additionally, there are some compounds such as volatile and non-volatile compounds which are mainly responsible for flavour besides the taste. Pectic substances (the main components of cell wall structure) and turgor pressure of cell wall are the main two factors responsible for the texture. Nutritive value contains several important chemical compositions for human health including sugars, organic acids, minerals, antioxidants, phenolic compounds, and vitamins.

This special issue aims to present works that include the influence of abiotic stress treatments on the quality, molecular responses, postharvest behaviour, bio-chemical changes, senescence, and storability of fruits and vegetables crops. We welcome novel original research papers, short communications and reviews which are concentrated on the physiological and molecular responses of fruits and vegetables crops against all abiotic stresses.


Abiotic Stress; Fruits and Vegetables Crops; Postharvest; Antioxidants; Bioactive Compounds; Quality; Molecular response; Gene Expression

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