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Establishment and Stability Analysis of a Hybrid Viscoelastic Model Based on Meshless for Surgical Robot System

Yidong Bao1,2, Dongmei Wu1,3

State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150080, P.R. China.
School of Software, Pingdingshan University, Pingdingshan 467000, P.R. China.
Corresponding author. Email:

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2014, 100(4), 277-294.


Aiming at the shortcomings of mass-spring model, this paper, on the basis of preliminary studies, established a new viscoelastic soft tissue model based on meshless structure. The model is consisted of a large quantity of filled spheres, with every three spheres being connected by a spring and a Kelvin structure, which can further enhance the real-time virtual simulation operability while ensure the viscoelasticity of basic model. The stress relaxation and creep equation of the model can be derived from formula derivation. Through setting different parameters to the filled spheres, this model, with certain universal property, can create a virtual liver, kidney and skin soft tissue. By utilizing force feedback devices to handle different virtual soft tissue thus to get virtual simulation experimental data, then compare them with the actual characteristics data of soft tissue in published literature, and experiments have shown that this model possesses good stress-strain, stress relaxation and creep properties. Finally, this paper compared mass-spring model for the stress-strain and cutting simulation experiments, which further confirmed the effectiveness and stability of the proposed model.


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Bao, Y., Wu, D. (2014). Establishment and Stability Analysis of a Hybrid Viscoelastic Model Based on Meshless for Surgical Robot System. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 100(4), 277–294.

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