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Mixed Unsplit-Field Perfectly Matched Layers for Plane-Electromagnetic-Wave Simulation in the Time Domain

Sang-Ri Yi1, Boyoung Kim2, Jun Won Kang2,3

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Department of Civil Engineering, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
Corresponding author E-mail:

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2015, 106(2), 77-104.


This study is concerned with the development of new mixed unsplitfield perfectly matched layers (PMLs) for the simulation of plane electromagnetic waves in heterogeneous unbounded domains. To formulate the unsplit-field PML, a complex coordinate transformation is introduced to Maxwell's equations in the frequency domain. The transformed equations are converted back to the time domain via the inverse Fourier transform, to arrive at governing equations for transient electromagnetic waves within the PML-truncated computational domain. A mixed finite element method is used to solve the PML-endowed Maxwell equations. The developed PML method is relatively simple and straightforward when compared to split-field PML techniques. It also allows the use of relatively simple temporal schemes for integration of the semi-discrete form, in contrast to the PML methods that require the calculation of complicated convolution integrals or the use of finite difference methods. Numerical results are presented for plane microwaves propagating through concrete structures, and the accuracy of these solutions is investigated via a series of error analyses.


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Yi, S., Kim, B., Kang, J. W. (2015). Mixed Unsplit-Field Perfectly Matched Layers for Plane-Electromagnetic-Wave Simulation in the Time Domain. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 106(2), 77–104.

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