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Variance-based Sensitivity Analyses of Piezoelectric Models

T. Lahmer1, J. Ilg2, R. Lerch2

Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2015, 106(2), 105-126.


In the recent years many publications appeared putting emphasis on the simulation-based identification of piezoelectric material parameters from electrical or mechanical measurements and combinations of them. By experience, one is aware of the importance of a single input parameter. However, it is not yet fully understood and in particular quantified to which extend missing knowledge in the single parameters (parameter uncertainty) influences the quality of the model's prognosis. In this paper, we adapt and apply variance-based sensitivity measures to models describing the piezoelectric effect in the linear case and derive global information about the single input parameter's sensitivities.


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Lahmer, T., Ilg, J., Lerch, R. (2015). Variance-based sensitivity analyses of piezoelectric models. Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 106(2), 105-126.
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Lahmer T, Ilg J, Lerch R. Variance-based sensitivity analyses of piezoelectric models. Comput Model Eng Sci. 2015;106(2):105-126
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T. Lahmer, J. Ilg, and R. Lerch "Variance-based Sensitivity Analyses of Piezoelectric Models," Comput. Model. Eng. Sci., vol. 106, no. 2, pp. 105-126. 2015.

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