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Thermomechanical Analysis of Functionally Graded Composites under Laser Heating by the MLPG Method

H. K. Ching1,2, J. K. Chen2
Correspondence to: J. K. Chen. Email:; fax: (573) 884-5090
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of Missouri, Columbia MO 65201

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2006, 13(3), 199-218.


The Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method is a novel numerical approach similar to finite element methods, but it allows the construction of the shape function and domain discretization without defining elements. In this study, the MLPG analysis for transient thermomechanical response of a functionally graded composite heated by Gaussian laser beams is presented. The composite is modeled as a 2-D strip which consists of metal and ceramic phases with the volume fraction varying over the thickness. Two sets of the micromechanical models are employed for evaluating the effective material properties, respectively. Numerical results are presented for the thermomechanical responses in both the transient and steady states. A parametric study with respect to the spatial distribution and volume fraction of material constituents, the rising rate of the laser power, and the radius of the laser beam is conducted.


Meshless Particle Method, Functionally Graded Materials, MLPG, Thermomechanics, Laser Heating.

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Ching, H. K., Chen, J. K. (2006). Thermomechanical Analysis of Functionally Graded Composites under Laser Heating by the MLPG Method. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 13(3), 199–218.

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