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On the Modelling of Rate-Dependent Domain Switching in Piezoelectric Materials under Superimposed Stresses

A. Arockiarajan1, A. Menzel2

Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 600036 Chennai, India
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Mechanics and Control Engineering, Chair of Continuum Mechanics, University of Siegen, Germany

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2007, 19(2), 163-178.


To study rate-dependent properties of piezoelectric materials a micro-mechanically motivated model is applied in this work. The developed framework is embedded into a coupled three-dimensional finite element setting, whereby each element is assumed to represent one grain and, moreover, possesses a random initialisation of the underlying polarisation direction. Furthermore, an energy-based criterion is used for the initiation of the onset of domain switching and the subsequent propagation of domain wall motion during the switching process is modelled via a linear kinetics theory. The interaction between individual grains is thereby incorporated by means of a probabilistic approach -- a purely phenomenologically motivated concept. To study the overall bulk ceramics behaviour, straightforward volume-averaging techniques are applied. In addition, rate-dependent properties under cyclic electrical loading combined with mechanical loads at various frequencies are studied, whereby use of a so-called volume fraction concept is made. The proposed model provides further insights into rate-dependent behaviour as experimentally observed and reported in the literature.


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Arockiarajan, A., Menzel, A. (2007). On the Modelling of Rate-Dependent Domain Switching in Piezoelectric Materials under Superimposed Stresses. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 19(2), 163–178.

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