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On Shear Locking in MLPG Solid-Shell Approach

T. Jarak1, J. Sorić1

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2011, 81(2), 157-194.


A solid-shell MLPG approach for the numerical analysis of plates and shells is presented. A special attention is devoted to the transversal shear locking effect that appears in the structure thin limit. The theoretical origins of shear locking in the purely displacement-based approach are analyzed by means of the consistency paradigm. It is shown that the spurious constraints appear in the constrained strain field, which lead to the appearance of shear locking and sub-optimal convergence rates. The behaviour of the mixed MLPG approach in the thin limit is also considered. It is determined that in the mixed paradigm the Kirchhoff-Love conditions have to be satisfied only at the nodes to avoid the shear locking effects. The validity of the theoretical predictions is supported by the presented numerical examples, where good convergence and accuracy are obtained even if the low-order meshless approximations are used.


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Jarak, T., Sorić, J. (2011). On Shear Locking in MLPG Solid-Shell Approach. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 81(2), 157–194.

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