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Influence of Temperature and High Electric Field on Power Consumption by Piezoelectric Actuated Integrated Structure

Deepak A Apte1, Ranjan Ganguli1,2

Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
Corresponding author. Email:, Tel: 91-80-22933017, Fax: 91-80-23600134

Computers, Materials & Continua 2009, 10(2), 139-162.


The influence of electric field and temperature on power consumption of piezoelectric actuated integrated structure is studied by using a single degree of freedom mass-spring-damper system model coupled with a piezoactuator. The material lead zirconate titanate, is considered as it is capable of producing relatively high strains (e.g., 3000με). Actuators are often subject to high electric fields to increase the induced strain produced, resulting in field dependant piezoelectric coefficient d31, dielectric coefficient ε33 and dissipation factor δ. Piezostructures are also likely to be used across a wide range of temperatures in aerospace and undersea operations. Again, the piezoelectric properties can vary with temperature. Recent experimental studies by physics researchers have looked at the effect of high electric field and temperature on piezoelectric properties. These properties are used together with an impedance based power consumption model. Results show that including the nonlinear variation of dielectric permittivity and dissipation factor with electric field is important. Temperature dependence of the dielectric constant also should be considered.

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D. A. . Apte and R. . Ganguli, "Influence of temperature and high electric field on power consumption by piezoelectric actuated integrated structure," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 10, no.2, pp. 139–162, 2009.

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