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A Review of Electromagnetic Energy Regenerative Suspension System & Key Technologies

Changzhong Fu, Jiayu Lu*, Wenqing Ge, Cao Tan, Bo Li
School of Transmission and Vehicle Engineer, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, 255000, China
* Corresponding Author: Jiayu Lu. Email: lu_j_y@126.com

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences https://doi.org/10.32604/cmes.2022.023092

Received 09 April 2022; Accepted 07 July 2022; Published online 02 August 2022


The active suspension has undoubtedly improved the performance of the vehicle, however, the trend of “lowcarbonization, intelligence, and informationization” in the automotive industry has put forward higher and more urgent requirements for the suspension system. The automotive industry and researchers favor active energy regeneration suspension technology with safety, comfort, and high energy regenerative efficiency. In this paper, we review the research progress of the structure form, optimization method, and control strategy of electromagnetic energy regenerative suspension. Specifically, comparing the pros and cons of the existing technology in solving the contradiction between dynamic performance and energy regeneration. In addition, the development trend of electromagnetic energy regenerative suspension in the field of structure form, optimization method, and control technology prospects.


Electromagnetic energy regenerative suspension; energy harvesting; structure form; optimization method; control strategy
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