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    The 2020 International Conference on Renewable Materials (ICRM 2020)TOP

    August 28-30, 2020Chongqing, China

    About: ICRM (The 2020 International Conference on Renewable Materials (ICRM2020)) will be held from August 28-30, 2020 in Chongqing, China. Following the ICRM2020, symposia and workshops on a variety of current topics will be held during the conference. We sincerely invite researchers interested in creating and chairing one of the symposia or workshops to submit proposals. Workshop and symposia organizers have several responsibilities, including coordinating workshop/symposia participation and content, publicizing and providing the program in a timely manner and moderating the program throughout the symposia or workshop. Potential Symposium topics are associated with renewable materials and professional interactions, as well as any other topic relevant to an appreciable fraction of the ICRM.


    • Advanced Renewable Materials

    • Bio-based Materials and Composites

    • Bio-polymers

    • Biomass

    • Biorefineries

    • Sustainability

    • Green Chemistry

    • Renewable Energy and Biofuels

    Submissions (either regular abstract or full-length paper) to ICRM2020 must not, under any circumstances, contain the same essential technical content as other papers submitted to any other conference. Accepted abstracts and full-length papers will be presented at the conference, either orally or by a poster. Full paper submitted to ICRM2020 will be considered to be published at JRM’s special issues.


    ICRM2020 Secretariat:

    Email: jrmconference@gmail.com

    Telephone: (025)58267096/17602551874