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Preparation and Performance of Ternesite-Ye’Elimite Clinker Produced from Steel Slag at Lower Temperature

Zhengyang Li1, Wei Guo1,*, Yueyang Hu1, Xiao Wang1, Binbin Qian2, Cuifeng Jiang1
1 Materials Science & Engineering, Yancheng Institute of Technology, Yancheng, 224001, China
2 Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne, 3800, Australia
* Corresponding Author: Wei Guo. Email:

Journal of Renewable Materials 2022, 10(11), 2921-2935.

Received 22 September 2021; Accepted 08 December 2021; Issue published 29 June 2022


Ternesite (4CaO·2SiO2·CaSO4)-Ye’elimite (3CaO·3Al2O3·CaSO4) (simplified as TY) cement clinker was successfully prepared from steel slag at 1200°C in this study. XRD, TG/DSC and SEM were used to analyze the mineral composition and hydration products of the TY clinker. The sintering process and hydration mechanism of the TY clinker were investigated. Results show that a large amount of ternesite and ye’elimite have been formed at 1200°C, while ternesite has not been decomposed. Clinker minerals include ternesite, ye’elimite, gypsum and a small amount of iron phase. Iron phase from steel slag can promote the formation of liquid phase with the presence of gypsum at 1200°C and thus lead to the coexistence of ternesite and ye’elimite. The compressive strength of TY cement cured at 28 d is 59.5 MPa, which is higher than that of P. II 42.5 cement. This research provides a sustainable and energy-effective way for the reutilization of steel slag, an otherwise valueless waste.


Liquid phase; low temperature calcination; steel slag; ternesite; waste utilization; ye’elimite

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Li, Z., Guo, W., Hu, Y., Wang, X., Qian, B. et al. (2022). Preparation and Performance of Ternesite-Ye’Elimite Clinker Produced from Steel Slag at Lower Temperature. Journal of Renewable Materials, 10(11), 2921–2935.

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