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The 1st International Conference on Biomechanics and Medical Engineering (ICBME 2019)-Yuan-Cheng Fung 100th Birthday Celebration Held with Great Success.

25 Sep 2019

It was in the colorful autumn of mid-September that more than 120 scholars from Biomechanics community gathered to hold the inaugural International Conference on Biomechanics and Medical Engineering (ICBME 2019)-Yuan-Cheng Fung 100th Birthday Celebration. The conference, organized by Tech Science Press and its journal Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, was successfully held on September 20-23, 2019 in San Diego, USA.

The distinguished Professor Shu Chien, member of National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Medicine, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Inventors, and Academia Sinica, as well as foreign member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the honorary chair of the conference. The distinguished Professor Andrew D. McCulloch from the University of California, San Diego, Professor Jay D. Humphrey, Chair of Biomedical Engineering of Yale University, Distinguished Professor Roger D. Kamm of MIT and Professor Dalin Tang of Worcester Institute of Technology, the Editor-in-Chief of Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, are co-chairs of the conference.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Shu Chien kicked off the event and then was followed by Professor Andrew D. McCulloch, who delivered warm remarks of the influence of Y-C. Fung on Biomechanics and Sciences to all the attendees. Professor Jay Humphrey made a keynote speech of celebrating contributions of Y-C. Fung. 


During the two-days program, 13 sessions were given in an orderly fashion. In plenary sessions, 13 renowned professors gave prestigious talks, including Professor Savio L-Y Woo from the University of Pittsburgh, Professor Shu Q. Liu from Northwestern University, Professor Geert W. Schmid-Schonbein from UCSD, Professor Stephanie I. Fraley, from UCSD, Professor Yingxin Qi from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Cheng Zhu from Georgia Institute of Technology, etc. 


All the attendees were invited to a birthday celebration reception in the Powell Focht Bioengineering Hall (PFBH) of the University of California, San Diego sponsored by bioengineering department of UCSD, where Dr. Yuan-Cheng Fung personally participated the reception. A meeting session is prepared to give many participants the opportunity to present gifts to celebrate Professor Fung's 100th birthday. Dr. Yuan-Cheng Fung enjoyed the time of his 100th birthday reception and stayed for photo sessions until the end of the reception. 


The banquet of ICBME2019 included the Awards Ceremony. Professor Geert W. Schmid-Schönbein of University of California, San Diego, and Professor Guixue Wang of Chongqing University received the ICBME Outstanding Contribution Award. Dr. Yunfeng Chen of the Scripps Research Institute received the First Place of Yuan-Cheng Fung Best Paper Award. Dr. Caining Zhang of Southeast University and Dr. Mingzhi Luo of Changzhou University received the Second Place of Yuan-Cheng Fung Best Paper Award. The recipient of the ICBME Young Scholars Award is Dr. Yunfeng Chen from the Scripps Research Institute. 


Overall, when we hugged good-bye to each other at the time of departure, we all look forward to meeting again at the next year’s ICBME2020 conference.

ICBME2019 Website: www.icbmeconf.com

16 April 2020