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The New Tech Science Press Website Has Arrived!

Tech Science Press has launched its new website, and we are excited to present its new look. We have completely redesigned the website for your better experience.


Major changes include:

-Updated website UI for improved user experience.

-Modified and adapted mobile terminal for optimized user experience.

-Modules of “Headlines”, “Featured”, and “Call For Papers” on the website homepage.

-Displaying Citescore and Impact Factor, as well as the conditional filtering function for SCIE/SSCI, ESCI, PubMed, EI, etc., on the Journal List page.

-Displaying the number of online articles and editorial board members on the journal homepage.

-Data filtering function for Most Cited papers.

-Displaying “Like” data on the Journal List page.

-“Table of Content” on the article page.

-“Like” function on the article page.

-Upgraded html for article displaying, new UI for new articles.

-Dynamical management of version number for web page HTML CSS.

-Cache technology to improve hotspot data access speed.


The overall website is ready to be deployed. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us to make techscience.com further improved.


Thank you for your concern and support, as always!

25 August 2022