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Carrying Capacity of Pressure Vessels under Hydrostatic Pressure

Yang-chun Deng1, Gang Chen2

1 Hubei Provincial Special Equipment Safety Inspection and Research Institute, Wuhan 430077, China
2 China Special Equipment Safety Supervision Administration, AQSIQ, Beijing 100088, China

Structural Longevity 2010, 4(2), 65-75.


To use material effective and keep pressure vessel safety, large deformation analysis for pressure vessel is very important. Until 2007, the elasticplastic stress analysis method, that is the first time all over the world, is provided in ASME VIII-2 edition 2007 for boiler and pressure vessel standard that Finite Element Method is used with large deformation analysis. But there is no common recognized direct solution for the carrying capacity of pressure vessels yet and this restrict the application of large deformation analysis in pressure vessel design. This paper investigates the carrying capacity of pressure vessels under hydrostatic pressure, based on the elastic-plastic theory. Firstly, to understand the large deformation characteristic of pressure vessel, the expressions of pressure and strain of thin-walled cylindrical and spherical vessels under internal pressure is reviewed. Secondly, to investigate the solution of carrying capacity of pressure vessels, the plastic instability criterion is derived. Further, the method to obtain the carrying capacity of pressure vessels is given for all pressure vessel material and two representative examples for analysis solutions of cylindrical and spherical pressure vessel respectively are given. The proposed research can be used for the elastic-plastic stress analysis method of pressure vessels safely.


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Deng, Y., Chen, G. (2010). Carrying Capacity of Pressure Vessels under Hydrostatic Pressure. Structural Longevity, 4(2), 65–75.

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