Theory of Edge Diffraction of Electromagnetics

Theory of Edge Diffraction of Electromagnetics

By Pyotr Ya. Ufimtsev 

This monograph categorizes and summarizes the work of P. Y. Ufimtsev, and is mainly connected with research on edge diffracted waves. This research stemmed from practical considerations and focused on the development of approximate methods to calculate the scattering of electromagnetic waves from real objects.

“The Lockheed F–117 Stealth Fighter and the Northrop B–2 Stealth Bomber play key roles in today’s United States Air Force. 

These were the first two major aircraft designs to employ the principles of Pyotr Ufimtsev’s Physical Theory of Diffraction (PTD). Ben Rich, who oversaw the F–117 project as head of Lockheed’s fabled Skunk Works, refers to Professor Ufimtsev’s work as “the Rosetta Stone breakthrough for stealth technology.”

At Northrop, where I worked on the B–2 project, we were so enthusiastic about PTD that a co-worker and I sometimes broke into choruses of “Go Ufimtsev” to the tune of “On, Wisconsin.”

And so today the rather abstract physics and mathematics developed by this charming and unassuming old-world gentleman are influencing military strategy and tactics and thus helping shape history - not just through the F–117 and the B–2, but through the many military systems of many kinds that now incorporate stealth technology based on PTD.” From the “Foreword”, by Kenneth M. Mitzner.

Chapter Titles: 

Chapter 1. 
Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves at Black Bodies: Generalization of Kirchhoff-Kottler Theory; 

Chapter 2. 
Edge Diffraction at Convex Perfectly Conducting Bodies: Elements of the Physical Theory of Diffraction; 

Chapter 3. 
Edge Diffraction at Concave Surfaces: Extension of the Physical Theory of Diffraction;

Chapter 4.
Measurement of Radiation from Diffraction / Nonuniform Currents; 

Chapter 5.
Analysis of Wedge Diffraction Using the Parabolic Equation Method; 

Chapter 6.
Current Waves on Thin Conductors and Strips; 

Chapter 7.
Radiation of Edge Waves: Theory Based on the Reciprocity Theorem; 

Chapter 8.
Functional and Integral Equations for Strip Diffraction (Neumann Boundary Problem); 

Chapter 9.
Asymptotic Representation for the Current Density on a Strip; 

Chapter 10.
Asymptotic Representation for the Scattering Pattern; 

Chapter 11. 
Plane Wave Diffraction at a Strip Oriented in the Direction of Polarization (Dirichlet Boundary Problem); 

Chapter 12.
Edge Diffraction at Open-Ended Parallel Plate Resonator; Conclusions;

Relationships Between the Gaussian System (GS) and the System International (SI) for Electromagnetic Units.

Hardcover. 420 pages. © 2003. ISBN: 0-9657001-7-8. 

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