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Cybersecurity is the basis of information dissemination in the internet age.The Journal of Cyber Security focuses on all aspects of sciences, technologies, and applications relating to hardware security, software security and system security.

  • A Novel SINS/IUSBL Integration Navigation Strategy for Underwater Vehicles
  • Abstract This paper presents a novel SINS/IUSBL integration navigation strategy for underwater vehicles. Based on the principle of inverted USBL (IUSBL), a SINS/IUSBL integration navigation system is established, where the USBL device and the SINS are both rigidly mounted onboard the underwater vehicle, and fully developed in-house, the integration navigation system will be able to provide the absolute position of the underwater vehicle with a transponder deployed at a known position beforehand. Furthermore, the state error equation and the measurement equation of SINS/IUSBL integration navigation system are derived, the difference between the position calculated by SINS and the absolute position obtained… More
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  • Secure Model of Medical Data Sharing for Complex Scenarios
  • Abstract In order to secure the massive heterogeneous medical data for the complex scenarios and improve the information sharing efficiency in healthcare system, a distributed medical data ledger model (DMDL) is proposed in this paper. This DMDL model has adopted the blockchain technology including the function decoupling, the distributed consensus, smart contract as well as multi-channel communication structure of consortium blockchain. The DMDL model not only has high adaptability, but also meets the requirements of the medical treatment processes which generally involve multi-entities, highly private information and secure transaction. The steps for processing the medical data are also introduced. Additionally, the… More
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  • Research on Protecting Information Security Based on the Method of Hierarchical Classification in the Era of Big Data
  • Abstract Big data is becoming increasingly important because of the enormous information generation and storage in recent years. It has become a challenge to the data mining technique and management. Based on the characteristics of geometric explosion of information in the era of big data, this paper studies the possible approaches to balance the maximum value and privacy of information, and disposes the Nine-Cells information matrix, hierarchical classification. Furthermore, the paper uses the rough sets theory to proceed from the two dimensions of value and privacy, establishes information classification method, puts forward the countermeasures for information security. Taking spam messages for… More
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  • A Block Compressed Sensing for Images Selective Encryption in Cloud
  • Abstract The theory of compressed sensing (CS) has been proposed to reduce the processing time and accelerate the scanning process. In this paper, the image recovery task is considered to outsource to the cloud server for its abundant computing and storage resources. However, the cloud server is untrusted then may pose a considerable amount of concern for potential privacy leakage. How to protect data privacy and simultaneously maintain management of the image remains challenging. Motivated by the above challenge, we propose an image encryption algorithm based on chaotic system, CS and image saliency. In our scheme, we outsource the image CS… More
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  • Review of Access Control Model
  • Abstract Access control is one of the core problems in data management system. In this paper, the system requirements were described in three aspects: the traditional access control model, the access control model in the Internet era and the access control model in the cloud computing environment. Meanwhile, the corresponding major models were listed and their characteristics and problems were analyzed. Finally, the development trend of the corresponding model was proposed. More
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