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Longitudinal Vibration Analysis of Marine Riser During Installation and Hangoff in Ultra Deepwater

Yanbin Wang1, Deli Gao1, Jun Fang1

MOE Key Laboratory of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Beijing 102249, China, First and corresponding author: Yanbin Wang, Tel:+ 86 (10)89733702, E-mail:

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2016, 111(4), 357-373.


This paper is concerned with the problem of longitudinal vibration of a 3,000 m long disconnected drilling riser during installation and hangoff operation. The natural frequency, amplitude of vibration displacement and vibration force of longitudinal vibration have been determined with consideration of the damping effect of the sea water. Results show the natural frequency of riser under these two situations are both decrease with the increase of water depth. The natural frequency of riser in installation operation is bigger than that in hangoff operation. The vibration displacement in hangoff configuration is bigger than that in installation while the vibration force in hangoff configuration is smaller than that in installation configuration. Under the condition of resonance, the vibration displacement increase along riser from top end to the bottom end while the vibration force increase along riser from riser bottom end to the top end.


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Wang, Y., Gao, D., Fang, J. (2016). Longitudinal Vibration Analysis of Marine Riser During Installation and Hangoff in Ultra Deepwater. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 111(4), 357–373.

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