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Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Rebound Optimization

Sadık Alper YILDIZEL1, Muhammet Ensar YİĞİT2, Gökhan KAPLAN3

Karamanoglu, MehmetBey University, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Karaman/TURKEY.
Celal Bayar University, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Manisa/TURKEY.
Kastamonu University, Kastamonu Vocational School, Kastamonu/TURKEY.

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2017, 113(2), 203-218.


Glass fibre reinforced concrete placement technique generates losses due to rebound effects of the already sprayed concrete particles. Rebounded concrete amount cause a significant difference between the initial mix design and emplaced mix compositions. Apart from the structural differences, it comes with a cost increase which was resulted by the splashed concrete amount. Many factors such as viscosity and quantity of mixes dominate this rebound amount in sprayed glass fibre reinforced concrete applications depending on production technologies and processes; however, this research focuses on the spray distance and the angle of the spray gun which mainly effects the rebound amount in glass fibre reinforced concrete production. This paper aims to understand the required angle and distance for glass fibre reinforced concrete mixes having on-site plastic viscosity values. Glass fibre reinforced mixtures were also modelled with a finite element method based software and, the analysis results were compared with production line results. Results of the analysis and on-site studies showed a decisive correlation between, discharge distance, discharge angle and the viscosity of the concrete.


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YILDIZEL, S. A., YİĞİT, M. E., KAPLAN, G. (2017). Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Rebound Optimization. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 113(2), 203–218.

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