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3-D Thermo-Stress Field in Laminated Cylindrical Shells

Hai Qian1,*, Sai-Huen Lo2, Ding Zhou3, Yang Yang1

1 Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, 212013, China.
2 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.
3 College of Civil Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing, 210009, China.
* Corresponding Author: Hai Qian. Email:

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2019, 121(1), 215-247.


The temperature and the stress distribution in simply-supported laminated cylindrical shells undergo thermal loads on the surface have been investigated. Exact solutions of physical quantities including temperature, heat flux, thermal displacement and stress are developed for the cylindrical laminated shell. Cylindrical shells are partitioned into more thin layers. In cylindrical coordinate, analytical expressions for physical quantities inside each layer are derived. Taking into account the compatibility of physical quantities at the interfaces, the relations between the outer and the inner layer of the laminated shell can be described with a transfer matrix. The undetermined parameters from the solutions of each layer can be obtained with boundary conditions. The convergence of the solutions to the number of Fourier series terms has been checked. The accuracy and feasibility of the present method is verified by comparing theoretical results with numerical outcomes due to Finite Element Method (FEM). Finally, the influences of surface temperature, geometrical size and material properties with respects to temperature, thermal stresses and displacement of layered cylindrical shell are worked out in details in a parameter study.


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Qian, H., Lo, S., Zhou, D., , Y.Y. (2019). 3-D thermo-stress field in laminated cylindrical shells . Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 121(1), 215-247.
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Qian H, Lo S, Zhou D, YY. 3-D thermo-stress field in laminated cylindrical shells . Comput Model Eng Sci. 2019;121(1):215-247
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H. Qian, S. Lo, D. Zhou, and Y.Y. "3-D Thermo-Stress Field in Laminated Cylindrical Shells ," Comput. Model. Eng. Sci., vol. 121, no. 1, pp. 215-247. 2019.


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