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An iterative MFS algorithm for the Cauchy problem associated with the Laplace equation

Liviu Marin1

Institute of Solid Mechanics, Romanian Academy, 15 Constantin Mille, Sector 1, P.O.Box 1-863, 010141 Bucharest, Romania. Tel./Fax:+40-(0)21-3126736. E-mails:;

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2009, 48(2), 121-154.


We investigate the numerical implementation of the alternating iterative algorithm originally proposed by ` 12 ` 12 `$12 `&12 `#12 `^12 `_12 `%12 `~12 *Kozlov91 in the case of the Cauchy problem for the two-dimensional Laplace equation using a meshless method. The two mixed, well-posed and direct problems corresponding to every iteration of the numerical procedure are solved using the method of fundamental solutions (MFS), in conjunction with the Tikhonov regularization method. For each direct problem considered, the optimal value of the regularization parameter is chosen according to the generalized cross-validation (GCV) criterion. An efficient regularizing stopping criterion which ceases the iterative procedure at the point where the accumulation of noise becomes dominant and the errors in predicting the exact solutions increase, is also presented. The iterative MFS algorithm is tested for Cauchy problems associated with the Laplace operator in various two-dimensional geometries to confirm the numerical convergence, stability and accuracy of the method.


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Marin, L. (2009). An iterative MFS algorithm for the Cauchy problem associated with the Laplace equation. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 48(2), 121–154.

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