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A General Tangent Operator Procedure for Implicit Elastoplastic BEM Analysis

L.S. Miers, J.C.F. Telles1

COPPE/ Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil –,

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2004, 6(5), 431-440.


Most formulations involving the use of the so-called consistent elastoplastic tangent operator procedure, in boundary element analysis, have been presented taking in consideration only a J2-type yield criterion, like von Mises. The present paper aims at bringing a general consistency concept to tangent operators obtained without yield criterion particularization, ready to be used in implicit schemes for elastoplastic BEM analysis. The ideas follows much of the second author's physically nonlinear implicit BEM solution procedures introduced in the 80's and is based on a Taylor series expansion of the true effective stress around an equivalent stress corresponding to the accumulated true stresses up to, but not including, the current increment taken to be ``elastic''. To illustrate the efficiency of the technique, some comparative results using different yield criteria are presented.


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Miers, L., Telles, J. (2004). A General Tangent Operator Procedure for Implicit Elastoplastic BEM Analysis. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 6(5), 431–440.

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