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Simulation of Reactive Fluid Flow in a Solid Rocket Motor Combustion-Chamber with/without Nozzle

W. A. El-Askary1,2, S. A. Wilson2, A. Hegab2

Corresponding author, Tel.: +2-00105255817; Fax: +2-048-2235695, Email address:
Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufiya University, She-bin El-Kom, Egypt

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2011, 76(3&4), 235-266.


In the present work, a complete simulation of reactive flow in the combustion chamber of a rocket motor equipped with convergent-divergent nozzle has been introduced. The model describes the combustion process inside the combustion chamber considering a steady premixed reactant gas injected through side porous walls of the combustion chamber. The products flow through a convergent-divergent nozzle with adiabatic impermeable walls. The reactants are treated as two-dimensional, multi-components, turbulent compressible flow. The local properties of the mixture are calculated and updated during the solution process. At the boundary of the combustion chamber, a constant mass flux and predefined properties are considered. The proposed model employs the basic conservation equations of continuity, momentum and energy as well as the finite rate of reaction and species transport equations. Finite volume method is used to solve the basic nonlinear partial differential equations numerically.


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El-Askary, W. A., Wilson, S. A., Hegab, A. (2011). Simulation of Reactive Fluid Flow in a Solid Rocket Motor Combustion-Chamber with/without Nozzle. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 76(3&4), 235–266.

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