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Nonlinear Analysis of Axi-Symmetric Solid Using Vector Mechanics

T.Y. Wu1

Mechanical System Engineering Program, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research ROC AEC, Taiwan R.O.C.

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2011, 82(2), 83-112.


In this work nonlinear analysis of axi-symmetric solid using vector mechanics is performed, in which a triangular solid unit developed in compliance with the concept of vector form analysis is proposed. The vector form analysis uses point value description (rather than function) to describe motion and configuration of solid, which has governing equation directly formulated with respect to each mass point (particle). The point value description includes particles allocation for configuration and defining path elements for particle motion. In addition, constitutive conditions are properly defined to complete the formulation. The constitutive conditions linking the mass points in deformable solids are primarily complemented by the generalized forces evaluated by a solid unit which is developed in a set of physical modeling procedures. Along each path element, particle motion is described by Newton's law of motion for free particles or by prescribed path for constrained particles. Implementations of vector form analysis presented herein are carried out employing the solution steps of vector form intrinsic finite element (VFIFE). Numerical examples with behaviors of large deformation, nonlinear material properties, and contact for benchmark verifications are performed to demonstrate the capability and accuracy of the approach developed under the framework of vector form analysis.


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Wu, T. (2011). Nonlinear Analysis of Axi-Symmetric Solid Using Vector Mechanics. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 82(2), 83–112.


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