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Stochastic Finite Element Analysis and Reliability Of Steel Telecommunication Towers

M.M. Kamiński1, J. Szafran1

Department of Steel Structures, Faculty of Civil Engrg., Arch. & Env. Engrg., Technical University of Lodz, 90-924 Lodz, Al. Politechniki 6, Poland,

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2012, 83(2), 143-168.


The main issue in this article is computational probabilistic analysis and reliability assessment of the steel telecommunication towers subjected to material and environmental uncertainty. Such a discussion is important since very wide, frequent and relatively modern application of these structures, which are subjected to various sources of uncertainty and having at this moment no rich and time-dependent failure evidence. Numerical analysis is based on the generalized stochastic perturbation technique implemented as the Stochastic Finite Elements using the Response Function Method applied with the use of computer algebra system. A simultaneous usage of the engineering FEM system and mathematical package enables for a visualization of up to the fourth central probabilistic moments and characteristics for the structural maximum internal forces and eigenvibrations. The reliability index determination is provided using the First Order Reliability Method following directly the statements of Eurocode 0, and the external loadings are applied on the structures analyzed after other Eurocodes, but may follow other engineering codes as well. The proposed numerical technique may find its application in the stochastic forced vibrations of telecommunication towers, where physical parameters as well as the excitation spectrum may be defined as polynomial time series, for instance.


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Kamiński, M., Szafran, J. (2012). Stochastic Finite Element Analysis and Reliability Of Steel Telecommunication Towers. CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 83(2), 143–168.


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