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Multi-Objective Optimization of a Fluid Structure Interaction Benchmarking

M. Razzaq1, C. Tsotskas2, S. Turek1, T. Kipouros2, M. Savill2, J. Hron3

Institute of Applied Mathematics, TU Dortmund, Germany
Cranfield University, MK430AL, Bedfordshire, Department of Power and Propulsion, School of Engineering, UK.
Institute of Mathematics, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 2013, 90(4), 303-337.


The integration and application of a new multi-objective tabu search optimization algorithm for Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) problems are presented. The aim is to enhance the computational design process for real world applications and to achieve higher performance of the whole system for the four considered objectives. The described system combines the optimizer with a well established FSI solver which is based on the fully implicit, monolithic formuFlation of the problem in the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian FEM approach. The proposed solver resolves the proposed fluid-structure interaction benchmark which describes the self-induced elastic deformation of a beam attached to a cylinder in laminar channel flow. The optimized flow characteristics of the aforementioned geometrical arrangement illustrate the performance of the system in two dimensions. Special emphasis is given to the analysis of the simulation package, which is of high accuracy and is the core of application. The design process identifies the best combination of flow features for optimal system behavior and the most important objectives. In addition, the presented methodology has the potential to run in parallel, which will significantly speed-up the elapsed time.


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Razzaq, M., Tsotskas, C., Turek, S., Kipouros, T., Savill, M. et al. (2013). Multi-objective optimization of a fluid structure interaction benchmarking. Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 90(4), 303-337.
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Razzaq M, Tsotskas C, Turek S, Kipouros T, Savill M, Hron J. Multi-objective optimization of a fluid structure interaction benchmarking. Comput Model Eng Sci. 2013;90(4):303-337
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M. Razzaq, C. Tsotskas, S. Turek, T. Kipouros, M. Savill, and J. Hron "Multi-Objective Optimization of a Fluid Structure Interaction Benchmarking," Comput. Model. Eng. Sci., vol. 90, no. 4, pp. 303-337. 2013.

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